Year 2014 September

Fast forward, now is the year 2014 September. How fast time flies. it was year 2011 when i wrote my last blog post. after that things happens very fast, and before i knew it, it is now 2014 and i am a married man for almost a year. last year October 13th was my Chinese Wedding Dinner Night.

There was so much fun, and fond memories when i was reading through my blog post earlier on. There was happy times, sad times, and all are past times, but the memories which came back to your mind when you are reading through it, it was just great. 🙂

I believe that with that, i should keep writing blog post, for my own personal memories, so that years later, when my memories start failing, i can use this site to help recall my past memories, be it good or bad, they are my memories and they will always be mine.

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