Year 2014 September

Fast forward, now is the year 2014 September. How fast time flies. it was year 2011 when i wrote my last blog post. after that things happens very fast, and before i knew it, it is now 2014 and i am a married man for almost a year. last year October 13th was my Chinese Wedding Dinner Night.

There was so much fun, and fond memories when i was reading through my blog post earlier on. There was happy times, sad times, and all are past times, but the memories which came back to your mind when you are reading through it, it was just great. 🙂

I believe that with that, i should keep writing blog post, for my own personal memories, so that years later, when my memories start failing, i can use this site to help recall my past memories, be it good or bad, they are my memories and they will always be mine.

Life’s Decision

Sometimes life is hard, sometimes life is easy, but life is full of decision making and sometimes decision are make in split second, sometimes decision takes from hours to days or even months.

Decision will affect what the outcome will be. Result for some will be fast for some it could takes years. Beside that life is really full of decision and every day you make decision. You decide on what to wear, what to eat and what tv shows to watch or watch movie online.

But ultimately, there will be times when you hate to make a certain decision. Which I am facing now. I really have been struggling with it for the past 2 weeks. Up till now, I still dare not make any decision yet, as I know this is a very big decision and it will ultimately change a lot of my things.

Hectic First Quarter

It was a hectic first quarter 2011 for me. First of all it is the relocation of my office, and then settling down to the new environment and next is the CNY 2011, and then it was my trip to China – Qingdao & Beijing.

This particular trip brings me to some of the most wanted visit places in my list of to visit places, one of it is the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. When I step foot onto the Forbidden City, the first impression was Huge, damn huge. The place is so big that if you wanted to visit every room and every corner, I think it would take 2 days to cover every corner.


                          A view of the Forbidden City


                   Another View of the Forbidden City

The great wall of china, the section that I visited was Badaling, the part whereby the Olympic 2008 cycling event was held. It was great going all the way up the Great Wall, initially I thought it was easy because it is just walking. But I was wrong, on some part the incline was so steep that I felt the slope was almost coming to 65 degree angle. 



        The breadth taking view from the Great Wall of China



              Another View from the top of the Great Wall



                    A view of a portion of the Great Wall


                    The Incline, as you can see, it is steep



                Another view of the incline from the top



          A good view of the Great Wall and the Mountain



                                One World One Dream

Overall this was a very fulfilling trip and it is one of the few personal trips that I had made in the last decade.

Bad Breakfast Experience at Nex’s Mac Donald

Woke up early this morning and decided to head to NEX for breakfast. Had a craving for a cup of hot coffee, so decided to head to Mac Donald for Breakfast.

Reach and queue up to order, placed my order for Big Breakfast set with coffee. Waited for around 3 minutes at the counter, in the mean time, the staff could not make any coffee, it seems that the coffee bean has to be changed. I just stood there waiting, the Manager came by and ask me to take a seat first and will send the coffee to me.

Happily, I took my breakfast and proceed to take my utensils, sugar and creamer and head to an empty seat. Sat down and start to eat my breakfast, halfway through my breakfast, I noticed that my coffee has yet to arrive. Was wondering why, but anyway proceed to finish my breakfast. After finishing my breakfast, The coffee has yet to arrive. I was very disappointed because obviously the staff and the manger had forgotten that they need to send the coffee to me.

I went over to the counter to look for the manager, when he saw me, he said “ Sir, errm, waiting for your coffee!!, Give me a Minute”
I said “ YES, but obviously it is too late already right” and went out of the restaurant. I wasn’t mad, but was very very disappointed. The restaurant wasn’t very packed, there is less than 10 people at that time. How could they forgot something easily. If the whole restaurant was packed, then I could easily forgive them.

I just wanted to have a cup of hot coffee to start my day, but was terribly disappointed that things turn out this way. I paid for my coffee but get no coffee, I had to go to the nearby coffeeshop to packet my coffee, which cost much less and I had it in less than a Minute.

Talk about Fast Food and Customer Service. I think it would be a long long long time, before I step into that particular restaurant again.

New Year Lunch at Pariss Marina Square

To celebrate the new year, I brought my friend out for lunch to Pariss Internation buffer restaurant. Called in the morning to make a reservation and confirmed the time with the counter staff.

We arrived at around 12.30 pm and the whole place was packed. I didn’t know that there will be so many people at the restaurant. Inside my heart I was telling myself that I was lucky as I called in first to make a reservation. Paid up and was led to our table.

Walking in, I notice the sashimi counter and the fresh seafood counter, The prawn was nice, and the sashimi counter is also filled up with different types of sashimi.  After the restaurant showed us our table, did not even bother to sit down first, I head straight to the fried food section and take some fried food whereas my friend headed over to the seafood section to take the prawn and sashimi.



Prawn with Sashimi and Fried food.



Close up picture of the sashimi



My Favourite Oyster from Canada

The variety was quite all right considering the price and also the location which it is housed. Compared to Sakura International Buffet, It is considered more expensive, but then the fresh oyster make up for it, I think I took about 10pcs of the oyster. But be-informed, you have to take the queue tag from your table to drop onto the tray to queue up for the oyster, it takes approximately 10 minute for the oyster to be served to your table. I find that this is quite a good concept also, as there won’t be a mad rush for oyster and then someone would get tossed out of the queue and you won’t get to see inconsiderate people snapping up the whole tray of the oyster. Smile 

Over a nice place, except the place is very packed and also not enough staff  to clear plates. Maybe it is the new year day and they have difficulty getting staff.

Happy New Year Twenty Eleven

As I’m writing this Blog, my time stated on the computer is 12.42am 31st December 2010. with a bit more than 23 Hours to go, We are heading towards year twenty eleven.

How fast time flies, I can still recall writing the same blog last year, It seems like it happen just a couple of days back. Well but then we are talking about 364 days back.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the Best for the New Year.

Year 2010 was not really a fantastic year for me. I went through a lot of pitfall. But I still managed to pull through and I wish for year 2011 to be a better year for me, and it do seems to be getting better, a New Year, A new location for my business, I’m relocating my office to a new location, and the real cool thing is that it comes with a big balcony with a fantastic view of the surrounding. 

Over here, I hope that everyone is looking forward to 2011 and also has already make plans for the new year, and as mentioned in my previous post. Please do make time for yourself and your family. Treasure your time and your love ones, Don’t regret only after you lost them. Time and tide waits for no man and no one will know when he or she will no longer be around. God Bless you all.

Happy Holidays and see you in Year Twenty Eleven Smile

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all readers a Blessed and Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday.

Times flies and as we are reaching the closing of year 2010, It is now a great time to reflect on this year and look forward to the new year 2011. I’m not talking about setting resolution, because for most of the people setting new year resolution will not be met. Most of us set targets and goals and make changes to our habit for the New Year, A New Year and a New person. But then as the days goes and as work load and stress get the better of you, You will gradually forget your target and goals set.

Why not for this year, do some changes. We try to overcome ourselves, overcome the time that we have on hand, As what I felt, time is what will change us. Imagine a life whereby you can control your own time, wake up and do not have to rush to catch the train to work, rush through breakfast on your work desk and lunch in office.

I believe that when you have time in your hand, you will be in a better position to think and path your days ahead, I’m not saying that you quit your job right away and workout your roadmap straight now. You can be a better time Manager when you do simple planning one day to a week ahead. For example, Sunday night, Plan how you want this week to work out, Plan for dinner and lunch with friends and family, and plan your work schedule, look at your deadlines, prioritise which are the most important and which are the least important, give yourself time to complete the most important thing. when you have proper planning and scheduling, you will find that you have more time to yourself and giving yourself more time is giving you life. You can enjoy a full hour of lunch with your family or friends during the work week.

Give it a thought, Give yourself more time. Wishing you all A Happy Holiday…

Latest Shopping Mall in Singapore NEX

I really like the idea of checking out this latest shopping mall in Serangoon, especially since it is so near to me and I watch it go from nothing to fully built up. But never did I knew that Singaporeans like this too.

I met one of my part timers at the mall on Tuesday afternoon to catch up on projects and future jobs, I was thinking that since it was a Tuesday afternoon, the crowd should be less than what I experienced the previous night when I was there with one of my colleague after work.

Phew, I was wrong, Definitely wrong. When I was outside the mall I could see lots of people inside the mall, it feels like a typical Sunday in one of the shopping malls at Orchard. The place was simply overcrowded with shoppers of all ages. I definitely had a hard time locating a restaurant to stop my stomach from making noise.

The mall is not officially open yet, but most of the shops are in operation already, except for a handful still undergoing renovation. In fact most of the eatery place are open already and it’s packed definitely packed to the brim even at non meal time.

From my two visit to the mall, I can say that this is definitely the biggest or one of the biggest heartland malls i have been to. Definitely it will be a place which I will often frequent since it is so close to my office. Lots of restaurant and 2 food courts inside. Food Junction and Food Republic. 2 super market, NTUC and Cold Storage. I have yet to cover every inch of the mall, but then I felt that this is definitely a much welcomed place for people living in the north east, since before we have NEX, we only have Compasspoint and Hougang Plaza.

Coming to 2 Months

Another 2 more days and it will be 2 months since my Dad left me. I still miss him alot, everyday when I return to a house without anyone, I’m lost, I tried to keep myself very busy for the last 2 months. But when I’m alone, I think about him. When I saw things related to him, I think about him.

But then life has to move on, I have to live for myself. Lots of setback happen these past few months, my business also has a lot of issues and things are really look bleak. I can’t help but feel useless sometimes, no matter how hard I tried, I still feel that people do not understand me. I tried very hard to suit everyone request but why can’t I request for something simple. I have no control and no say, I cannot understand why I do not want to voice out.

Life is Fragile

I lost my Dad 11 days back, All of a sudden both my parents are now gone, as if this year is not bad enough, why must it happen, I still miss my mum and now my dad is also gone.

I felt lost, Going back home, I cannot greet my dad anymore. I will no longer receive a call in the mid afternoon from my dad asking me if I will be back home for dinner. I won’t be able to dine with him anymore.

I don’t know where to go after work, I have to think of a way to move on. I have not done anything much for the last week and it seems to me that I have nothing to strive for. When my dad was around, I work hard to support him, I wanted to give him a cosy life. I’m always home for most of the evening to have dinner with him. I wanted to be there for him. Now that he is forever gone from my life, I felt lost.

I know I will be able to pick up myself and move on because up above in heaven, where both my parents are now united, they also want me to be well and their biggest wishes to see me have my own family. I know that they are now happily united back in heaven and catching up with one another for the 2 and a half year that they were separated.  They are praying for the 3 of us also.

Mum & Dad, we love you, we thank you for bringing us to this wonderful world and being a wonderful parents to us.

Life is very fragile, treasure your love ones when they are around.