Year 2014 September

Fast forward, now is the year 2014 September. How fast time flies. it was year 2011 when i wrote my last blog post. after that things happens very fast, and before i knew it, it is now 2014 and i am a married man for almost a year. last year October 13th was my Chinese Wedding Dinner Night.

There was so much fun, and fond memories when i was reading through my blog post earlier on. There was happy times, sad times, and all are past times, but the memories which came back to your mind when you are reading through it, it was just great. 🙂

I believe that with that, i should keep writing blog post, for my own personal memories, so that years later, when my memories start failing, i can use this site to help recall my past memories, be it good or bad, they are my memories and they will always be mine.

Coming to 2 Months

Another 2 more days and it will be 2 months since my Dad left me. I still miss him alot, everyday when I return to a house without anyone, I’m lost, I tried to keep myself very busy for the last 2 months. But when I’m alone, I think about him. When I saw things related to him, I think about him.

But then life has to move on, I have to live for myself. Lots of setback happen these past few months, my business also has a lot of issues and things are really look bleak. I can’t help but feel useless sometimes, no matter how hard I tried, I still feel that people do not understand me. I tried very hard to suit everyone request but why can’t I request for something simple. I have no control and no say, I cannot understand why I do not want to voice out.

Christmas’s Eve Night Out

It’s a last minute planned event, But it turned out well and fine and most important I think my bread girl enjoyed herself. She initially did not want to come out stating that she is tired which is a fact, she had worked for a full month without any rest day. Poor girl.

I told her that this Christmas’s Eve outing was specially planned for her and she agreed at the last minute to join us.

After picking her up from her work place, we headed down to Orchard Road to join the crowd and also take some pictures. Seeing her jumping up and down and snapping pictures on her camera, laughing and smiling really warms my heart. I felt happy when she is happy. As I promised her to bring her back before 3.30am in the morning. We just took a walk down from Orchard Road and snapped as many pictures as we can during the brief stay at Orchard Road.

We headed back to Hougang for supper before sending them back home. The food and Tim Sum was good, As time was not on our side, we had to finish the food fast and then send them back home to sleep as they have to work the next day.

As I was walking her back, I pass her the Christmas Gift, She was happy and immediately asked me what is it inside, shaking the gift box happily. I asked her to go back and then check out her present and also to sleep early. It was an unplanned night out, but luckily it turned out great and I did not disappoint her. 

Busy December 2009

This is a busy Month, We can see that business is picking up, businesses are buying more and we can also sense that people are willing to spend a bit more on products and services. But the Debt are also pilling, Businesses are delaying their payments and this is definitely not a good sign, I really hope that it will not be the same come next year.

If most businesses are not paying in time by march next year, then some businesses along the chain will be affected and because of cash flow issues, it might force some business to close down also. I really hope that it won’t happen.

This has been a very busy month for myself also. Work stuff, Personal stuff and family stuff. Oh gosh, I’m really looking forward to my family dinner with my whole family on the 24th. An annual affair for us. There are only 2 such gathering every year and I treasure it. One is on the 24th of December, the other is Chinese New Year Eve.

On the 25th, We are having our company BBQ over at our office, this year, we changed it to a staff only gathering. Previous year was a business gathering event, whereby we gather our business partners and associates to join us for an afternoon of fun, food and games. This year we decided to tone down a bit, so it is just the few of us. which is also better, as Christmas is normally a time to spend with your family and love ones. So we decided not to tire ourselves out this year, as normally we would be busy preparing foods and making sure everyone is comfortable. This year we want to enjoy the atmosphere ourselves, relax beside the BBQ pit and enjoy good premium Wagyu beef and nice Wine to go along with it. 

When 2010 comes by, I’m expecting this to be a ultra busy year for my business and also my own life. There will be lots of changes and I will detail everything over here, so that in years to come, I can look back at my life and see how I change over the years. I bet that it will be very fun and un accomplished dreams years back might be initiated again just by browsing through past diaries.

Well Dear Readers, 7 more days to Christmas, I wish you all A Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family. Stay Happy and be Cheerful always. 

Looks Good

After so many hours on the site, finally it looks better, I hope that it looks better to other people also.

I’m now going to post some serious contents to get things going, First of all will be my recent trip to Genting Highland, Nice Place to be at, Nice Weather, Nice people over there. Stay Tuned

Taking Shape

Well, My personal Blog is taking shape now, Need to get some serious tweeting now to get everything in place, stayed tuned for updates,
Btw the date was 09/09/09 yesterday, accordingly to chinese, it’s a very auspicious day, as it means forever in chinese.

Good Design hard to come by

Is it really that hard to find a nice looking theme, or I’m just plain choosy?
I like simple thing just like how I look towards life, simple. maybe I still have yet to chance upon the design that will suit me,

I hope I can get it up soon and start really posting good contents stuff