About Me

Well, from my site you can definitely guess my name and here it goes again, Raymond Goh. I’m living in a place called little red dot in this world. I’m an entrepreneur and runs my own technology business.

I’m a rather shy person, but running my own business has forced me to open up more to others.pic-1

I enjoyed a game of pool anytime and have my own pool table in my office, if you happen to be near my place, give me a ring for a game of pool.

I have enjoyed the last 17 years of my life helping my clients solve their technology issues and queries. I love my job and given a choice again, I will still stick to this job.  Do drop me an email raymond@raymondgoh.me if you have any issues or queries and I will be pleased to assist.  It’s always nice to get to know more people. If you would like to visit my company site and see what services I provide, Here it goes http://www.microsys.com.sg

Oh and BTW I still single and very much available, Gals you know what to do, My email is just written on top. 🙂

Ok, Jokes aside, you can connect with me on facebook, digg and twitter.