Windows 7, after 1 Month of usage

I was actually hoping to install Windows 7 on my business machine approximately next year after February. But I could not wait until then. First of all was my previous XP Pro was failing me, I also got into disk space issue. Therefore I actually installed Windows 7 and run it off my ageing IBM T43.

The verdict was, as what I have mentioned in my reviews on Windows 7 Beta, It really is a OS built with the user in mind, and bear in mind that it is not just for IT Professional, it is actually built so simple that non IT people might even be able to do an installation of Windows  7 on their own with a little help from the web.

One month of heavy usage with applications installed and printer be it local or network printer, network share, file sharing rights, everything that vista got it wrong initially, Windows 7 did it right. There is nothing to complain about Windows 7. Whatever you need it to perform, it will perform for you. except for some minor glitches which is expected of any OS when launched initially.

It runs most applications with ease and even those that are yet certified to work with Windows 7. No problem, I have yet to encounter any commercial applications which could not work with Windows 7. Some freeware software do have issues with Windows 7, but I think that should be solved fast, due to the popularity of Windows 7.

A couple of my clients did enquire with me on the performance of Windows 7. Well I told them that I’m running it with no issues and they should not have any issues also. The main issues lies with the bulk of Windows 2000 and Windows XP users. They will have some learning curve to learn, as the interface is more alike towards Windows Vista. End users are scared of using something unfamiliar as it will hamper with the work and lower down their productivity due to time wastage on looking for stuff that they normally use which might now be somewhere else. I still feel that it will be worth the time loss initially. As they get used to the new interface and the new way of searching for documents, tagging of documents, they will find that as time goes and they got more used to the interface, they will actually be increasing productivity.

To upgrade or not still depends on a lot of factors and for your consideration I have listed down some of them.

Hardware : If you are having an ageing hardware with Windows 2000 or Windows XP loaded. It’s time to move to Windows 7 as your hardware might fail you anytime also.

Software : If you are using Windows 2000 or Windows 98. Don’t think, Change to Windows 7. Most of newer applications will not support Windows 98 and Windows 2000.

Software : If you are running Windows Vista right now. Then depending on your hardware age, You don’t really need to spend the money to change as Windows Vista is quite stable right now except for the resource hungry issue that you face. If your hardware is still new, then you would definitely be able to still stay with Windows Vista

Software : Windows XP, I would strongly encourage you to upgrade to Windows 7. Do a system compatibility check first to determine your hardware capability first and do upgrade if your hardware is able to support Windows 7.