December 1st Post

Just as I was about to write this post, I notice that it has been 14 days since my last post, Time passes really fast and furious. How I wish time can slow down abit, Age is catching up with me, I have a lot of things yet to do and I really hope to sort out everything and proceed as planned.

I’m looking at furthering my studies, I hope to be able to complete my Bachelor Degree, It has all along been my wish to complete my degree course and I have been pushing it back for years due to my company and my brother is starting his degree course come January 2010. My friend is thinking of asking me to join him for March intake at another private University.

I still considering whether to join him or not, but I think that, the time has come for me to pick up my books again, it might not be in march 2010, but it will be in 2010. I really have to put it down to remind me not to think too much. Just register and pick up the books again. This is not from anything or anyone, but for myself.