Windows 7 Launch in Singapore

This was supposed to be published 2 days back, but I was just too tired after the event to do any posting and therefore have to wait until today whereby I have some time to compile the pictures and do my posting.

Launch of Windows 7 in Singapore, held in Mohamed Sultan, It was an event which media from the region was invited and Speakers from the region gave demo and introduce features of Windows 7.

There were 4 demos inside the conference hall, comprising of “Outdoor”, “Office”, “Bedroom” and “Living Room”, MVPs from the region were invited and they showed attendees how Windows 7 help them in their daily life from working, communicating with friends, viewing photos, watching videos to gaming online.



1 Day before official Launch of Windows 7


The live demo of Bedroom and Living Room


Booth where different manufacturer notebooks will be on display


Morning of the Launch Day with Standing Banners of Windows 7 outside the venue


At the outside hall, Manufacturers displayed their latest Notebooks and PCs with Windows 7 installed


Games and Videos running at the live demo area

Almost Dinner with Bread’s Girl

I’m really excited as I’m writing this post, I just had a chance to sit down with my Bread’s Girl seeing her having her dinner. She was having dinner alone and my friend’s wife happen to be off work and went over to chat with her, my friend and I then went over to sit down and chat with her. I was really excited of being given this chance to get this close to her.

I was so tensed that I hardly talk when we were sitting together, Really useless, but then it will be a night where I won’t forget easily, October 20th 2009. I guess majority of you would also have this strange when meeting with someone you really wish to meet but hardly get the chance. That was how I was feeling just now.

The other thing that got me excited also is Windows 7 Launch in Singapore, I will be at the setup for the launch and also at the launch day October 22nd 2009. I will be witnessing the Official Press Media Launch of Windows 7 in Singapore. Really excited and I hope to be able to do a live update during the launch.

As written on Windows 7 before, I really think that this version of Windows 7 will be much better than Vista. Stay tuned guys, as I will definitely give a live report if possible during the official launch.