Latest Shopping Mall in Singapore NEX

I really like the idea of checking out this latest shopping mall in Serangoon, especially since it is so near to me and I watch it go from nothing to fully built up. But never did I knew that Singaporeans like this too.

I met one of my part timers at the mall on Tuesday afternoon to catch up on projects and future jobs, I was thinking that since it was a Tuesday afternoon, the crowd should be less than what I experienced the previous night when I was there with one of my colleague after work.

Phew, I was wrong, Definitely wrong. When I was outside the mall I could see lots of people inside the mall, it feels like a typical Sunday in one of the shopping malls at Orchard. The place was simply overcrowded with shoppers of all ages. I definitely had a hard time locating a restaurant to stop my stomach from making noise.

The mall is not officially open yet, but most of the shops are in operation already, except for a handful still undergoing renovation. In fact most of the eatery place are open already and it’s packed definitely packed to the brim even at non meal time.

From my two visit to the mall, I can say that this is definitely the biggest or one of the biggest heartland malls i have been to. Definitely it will be a place which I will often frequent since it is so close to my office. Lots of restaurant and 2 food courts inside. Food Junction and Food Republic. 2 super market, NTUC and Cold Storage. I have yet to cover every inch of the mall, but then I felt that this is definitely a much welcomed place for people living in the north east, since before we have NEX, we only have Compasspoint and Hougang Plaza.