Windows 7 Launch in Singapore

This was supposed to be published 2 days back, but I was just too tired after the event to do any posting and therefore have to wait until today whereby I have some time to compile the pictures and do my posting.

Launch of Windows 7 in Singapore, held in Mohamed Sultan, It was an event which media from the region was invited and Speakers from the region gave demo and introduce features of Windows 7.

There were 4 demos inside the conference hall, comprising of “Outdoor”, “Office”, “Bedroom” and “Living Room”, MVPs from the region were invited and they showed attendees how Windows 7 help them in their daily life from working, communicating with friends, viewing photos, watching videos to gaming online.



1 Day before official Launch of Windows 7


The live demo of Bedroom and Living Room


Booth where different manufacturer notebooks will be on display


Morning of the Launch Day with Standing Banners of Windows 7 outside the venue


At the outside hall, Manufacturers displayed their latest Notebooks and PCs with Windows 7 installed


Games and Videos running at the live demo area