Windows 7 release date

Windows 7 Is scheduled for release on the 22nd October 2009. As a Beta user, I felt that Windows 7 will be much more stable then Vista. Vista roadmap to me will be almost the same as Windows ME, “forgotten soon” that is if you still remember that Microsoft did have this product before. I could say that Windows ME is the worst OS that I encountered, and a lot of people agree also.

Vista is not that bad, It is just that there’s too much hiccups on the release and Microsoft is not fast enough to rectify the errors and this lead to a lot of complaints and it even force OEM manufacturer to fall back on to installing Windows XP Pro on their machine with Vista License, exercising the OEM OS License Downgrade Rights.

I felt that this time round, Windows 7 will be a winner, What I personally felt is that Vista came in at a wrong time also, It was with mixed feeling that user finally upgraded from Windows 2000 to Windows XP Pro after service pack 2 was release. A lot of improvements was seen with Windows XP Pro service pack 2, User starts to trust Windows XP Pro and migrate to it.

It was then Vista was announced. Those user who jumped straight into Windows Vista, curse and swear, there were networking issues, system applications issues, OEM Manufacturers, System Integrators, Software House were all in a fix, being called up by clients and chasing them for update to software, updates to divers and so on. Some were not ready to move up to vista, some fear after hearing complaints and feedback. Soon, Most initial Vista user gave up and revert back to the stable Windows XP Pro.

Windows 7, I have the confidence this time round that it will be better off than vista, Although hiccups is likely to happen, I would be surprised if there is no hiccups, but I think this time round it should be better.

I’m looking forward to the release and see how market reacts to it. But it my own opinion, it will take at least 3 to 6 months for everything to settle down. Judging at the release, I think I should also be migrating my main platform to Windows 7 somewhere in February 2010. It’s a nice timing as I also need to change this Lappy of mine which has been working non stop for the past 3 years and also my trusted Windows XP Pro OS.