Merry Christmas

Wishing you all readers a Blessed and Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday.

Times flies and as we are reaching the closing of year 2010, It is now a great time to reflect on this year and look forward to the new year 2011. I’m not talking about setting resolution, because for most of the people setting new year resolution will not be met. Most of us set targets and goals and make changes to our habit for the New Year, A New Year and a New person. But then as the days goes and as work load and stress get the better of you, You will gradually forget your target and goals set.

Why not for this year, do some changes. We try to overcome ourselves, overcome the time that we have on hand, As what I felt, time is what will change us. Imagine a life whereby you can control your own time, wake up and do not have to rush to catch the train to work, rush through breakfast on your work desk and lunch in office.

I believe that when you have time in your hand, you will be in a better position to think and path your days ahead, I’m not saying that you quit your job right away and workout your roadmap straight now. You can be a better time Manager when you do simple planning one day to a week ahead. For example, Sunday night, Plan how you want this week to work out, Plan for dinner and lunch with friends and family, and plan your work schedule, look at your deadlines, prioritise which are the most important and which are the least important, give yourself time to complete the most important thing. when you have proper planning and scheduling, you will find that you have more time to yourself and giving yourself more time is giving you life. You can enjoy a full hour of lunch with your family or friends during the work week.

Give it a thought, Give yourself more time. Wishing you all A Happy Holiday…

3rd quarter coming to an end

In a zoom, we are soon finishing the 3rd quarter of this year 2010. a little more than 6 weeks and we will be in the last quarter of the year. This seems to be a very fast year for me, lots of happening things this year and I really have not enough time to express my thoughts on this blog.

I just got my company site redone, put in new products and new pictures to enhance it. Still have lots of works to be done but then hope to be able to roll out everything smoothly and quickly.

Life is really hectic for the past 4 months or so, after the stationery business starts rolling. No time for any other things. Servicing my clients is more than enough to flatten me out. Really tiring but fulfilling. Friends asking me to go for a holiday with them, but then cannot commit. I wish to go but got no idea what is holding me back.

Late May Posting

Phew! It has been more than one month since my last posting, It has been a very hectic month for me and that explain why there is lesser posting on my site. Work and work and more work for the past month. Business is slightly picking up, had a couple of projects on hand and need to follow up closely.

But the cost of business is also going up, fuel prices are increasing and in fact if you do notice, everything seems to be on the rise slowly. This is something we have to live with. Right now, we have to monitor our numbers very closely, we have to check on our expenses and also bad debts, which is increasing. Clients are buying, but some are deferring payments, they are trying all means to stretch their credit limits. If this still carry on it might cause a chain reactions and business will be in deep trouble. I really hope it won’t, we just have to keep our finger crossed.

Went past Marina Sands a couple of times, but have yet got the chance to walk in to take a look. I took a couple of pictures of the building from the outside and it does look nice from some views, especially through buildings inside Shenton way, if you do get what I meant.

On the food side, went with an overseas business associate for dinner at PuTien restaurant at City Square Mall 2 weeks back. Had a great evening chatting and eating, the ambience was not that good, slightly noisy, the food I can say is above average, the waitress are friendly and attentive. Overall I would rate it as a nice place for a family gathering or family dinner. Not that good for a business dinner. But since we have decided to go there, we just proceed on. It was a close business associate so we do not need to place too much on the ambience. We went through the menu and ordered our food, it was an ala-carte buffet. side dishes, fruits and drinks are on the free flow buffet counter. 

32 days to 2010

It is now 32 days to 2010. Really fast, We are reaching into the last month of 2010. I don’t know why, but every time when it reaches this period of the year, I have a lot of thoughts going through my mind and this year, there seem to be more, and I think most of it are greatly due to my age.

Call it mid life crisis 🙂 As we ages we tend to spend more time reflecting on the past and you start to think of old friends, When you met up with old friends, you could talk non stop on the past and update one another on your life.

I must say that this year till now, has been very fast and hectic for me. Economic down turn, new ventures, new friends coming into my life and so on. In fact, I have really taken to writing my blog on a very consistent basis, I hope to be able to compile all my knowledge and my own life on my few blogs and treat it as a repository on my thoughts, it should be quite fun years on when I start reading back on what I have written.

Although hectic, life was simple shuttling between work and home almost the whole year. Years back, I still remember the outings with friends during the holiday and weekend, where I just hang out with friends on weekends and holiday eve and won’t return home until 3 or 4 in the morning. Life back then was simply care free, pocket money from my dad, extra money from part time job and so on. Spent everything on games and fun.

I don’t really know which year it started but all of a sudden during one of the year, I just have a feeling of trying to spend holiday eve at home. Maybe it was a sign of ageing back then. Especially Christmas Eve, I tried to spend time after attending church with my parents. and I think I make the right choice which I never regretted, I think for the past 4 years, Christmas Eve was spent at home with my parents. Anyway during the past few years even if I wanted to go out, it would only be me alone also. My best friend was in China, Most of my buddy were either celebrating Christmas Eve with their wife or girl friend. I’m all alone, so the best is just to “hide” at home. I felt that this was definitely worth it. Back then I was still working 10 to 12 Hours work day in the office, So I was actually spending a lot less time at home during most of the year. During those years, I treated my home as a Hotel, Came back home between 10.30 to 11.30 at night, have dinner prepared by my Mum, at these hours, my parents would have already slept. After dinner, took a shower, and then watch some news and slept between 2 to 3 am in the morning, wake up at 9am wash up and leave home by 9.30 am or earlier if there is classes in the morning. Before leaving house, maybe a 2 to 5 min chat with my Mum, I seldom see my dad during those days.

So I really treasure the fact that I did spent some time with my parents during the past few years. 

Outing Day

What a day. It just pass so fast. It’s now 2322hrs as I’m writing this blog.

It was a day out with my bread girl. She is definitely a young lady who is full of laughter and is definitely very energetic. She can be seen running and laughing the whole day.

It was a date setup by my friend’s wife. She invited her out for a one day outing on their off day. So I was definitely really excited about this outing.

The day started out disappointing as escape theme park was not open on weekdays. We did not know. So plan B was to be planned and sorted within 10mins. We decided to give snow city a shot.

It turned out ok and luckily, we did not disappoint my bread girl. I felt that she enjoyed herself at snow city riding down the snow rides. When I see her smiles, I also felt happy. After snow city, we proceed to science center. Science center was a place which I never visited for more than 20 years. It really brought back fond memories of my younger days when during one of the school holiday, My Dad and Mum brought the 3 of us to the Science Center for a day of outings. Those were really happy days, no worries, no stress. Outings although no many due to financial income of our family, but my Dad and Mum will still bring us out for day trip to places of interest like the zoo, sentosa and so on. Well those were the days.

Dinner was back at Punggol Sakura. I just love the environment there, It is a place that I must bring my bread girl to. Seeing her enjoy the food that I cook was enough, I felt happy. Though the day ended without even getting her hand phone number, I’m still happy, at the very least, we are now officially friend. I know where I stand and dare not hope for more, although I’m might be lucky, but then there is still some age difference between us.

To love someone is not to process her, but seeing her happy and living well is more than enough. She is a Christian and may God Bless her.  

Almost Dinner with Bread’s Girl

I’m really excited as I’m writing this post, I just had a chance to sit down with my Bread’s Girl seeing her having her dinner. She was having dinner alone and my friend’s wife happen to be off work and went over to chat with her, my friend and I then went over to sit down and chat with her. I was really excited of being given this chance to get this close to her.

I was so tensed that I hardly talk when we were sitting together, Really useless, but then it will be a night where I won’t forget easily, October 20th 2009. I guess majority of you would also have this strange when meeting with someone you really wish to meet but hardly get the chance. That was how I was feeling just now.

The other thing that got me excited also is Windows 7 Launch in Singapore, I will be at the setup for the launch and also at the launch day October 22nd 2009. I will be witnessing the Official Press Media Launch of Windows 7 in Singapore. Really excited and I hope to be able to do a live update during the launch.

As written on Windows 7 before, I really think that this version of Windows 7 will be much better than Vista. Stay tuned guys, as I will definitely give a live report if possible during the official launch.

Start of a new week

It’s Monday Morning, 12.30am in the morning, start of a new week, I’m getting ready for the new week, a lot of things to do next week, and anyway my dad is out of hospital already. Great to have him back home. At least I don’t have to shuttle between workplace and hospital. I will have more time for my new blogs, I have already almost got everything up in place, the development site is getting slower and slower due to the amount of plugins I have planted inside.

But I’m happy that everything is coming together, Now the last part is getting the design up. I have to admit that I’m a bad designer, I just don’t have the creative mind built in. But at least help is round the corner, I have already engaged someone for my banners and logo design, I hope that everything will be up and running by this Friday.

I’m quite excited at the way my site and blog is coming to life. It just like the feeling that I have 12 years back, when I’m starting my business. I will continue the business part somewhere mid week this week, have to let me take a breather first. This week is definitely a busy week again. As I’m going to go live for the other 2 sites.

Stay tuned for updates. Cheers and have a nice week ahead.