32 days to 2010

It is now 32 days to 2010. Really fast, We are reaching into the last month of 2010. I don’t know why, but every time when it reaches this period of the year, I have a lot of thoughts going through my mind and this year, there seem to be more, and I think most of it are greatly due to my age.

Call it mid life crisis 🙂 As we ages we tend to spend more time reflecting on the past and you start to think of old friends, When you met up with old friends, you could talk non stop on the past and update one another on your life.

I must say that this year till now, has been very fast and hectic for me. Economic down turn, new ventures, new friends coming into my life and so on. In fact, I have really taken to writing my blog on a very consistent basis, I hope to be able to compile all my knowledge and my own life on my few blogs and treat it as a repository on my thoughts, it should be quite fun years on when I start reading back on what I have written.

Although hectic, life was simple shuttling between work and home almost the whole year. Years back, I still remember the outings with friends during the holiday and weekend, where I just hang out with friends on weekends and holiday eve and won’t return home until 3 or 4 in the morning. Life back then was simply care free, pocket money from my dad, extra money from part time job and so on. Spent everything on games and fun.

I don’t really know which year it started but all of a sudden during one of the year, I just have a feeling of trying to spend holiday eve at home. Maybe it was a sign of ageing back then. Especially Christmas Eve, I tried to spend time after attending church with my parents. and I think I make the right choice which I never regretted, I think for the past 4 years, Christmas Eve was spent at home with my parents. Anyway during the past few years even if I wanted to go out, it would only be me alone also. My best friend was in China, Most of my buddy were either celebrating Christmas Eve with their wife or girl friend. I’m all alone, so the best is just to “hide” at home. I felt that this was definitely worth it. Back then I was still working 10 to 12 Hours work day in the office, So I was actually spending a lot less time at home during most of the year. During those years, I treated my home as a Hotel, Came back home between 10.30 to 11.30 at night, have dinner prepared by my Mum, at these hours, my parents would have already slept. After dinner, took a shower, and then watch some news and slept between 2 to 3 am in the morning, wake up at 9am wash up and leave home by 9.30 am or earlier if there is classes in the morning. Before leaving house, maybe a 2 to 5 min chat with my Mum, I seldom see my dad during those days.

So I really treasure the fact that I did spent some time with my parents during the past few years.