Bad Breakfast Experience at Nex’s Mac Donald

Woke up early this morning and decided to head to NEX for breakfast. Had a craving for a cup of hot coffee, so decided to head to Mac Donald for Breakfast.

Reach and queue up to order, placed my order for Big Breakfast set with coffee. Waited for around 3 minutes at the counter, in the mean time, the staff could not make any coffee, it seems that the coffee bean has to be changed. I just stood there waiting, the Manager came by and ask me to take a seat first and will send the coffee to me.

Happily, I took my breakfast and proceed to take my utensils, sugar and creamer and head to an empty seat. Sat down and start to eat my breakfast, halfway through my breakfast, I noticed that my coffee has yet to arrive. Was wondering why, but anyway proceed to finish my breakfast. After finishing my breakfast, The coffee has yet to arrive. I was very disappointed because obviously the staff and the manger had forgotten that they need to send the coffee to me.

I went over to the counter to look for the manager, when he saw me, he said “ Sir, errm, waiting for your coffee!!, Give me a Minute”
I said “ YES, but obviously it is too late already right” and went out of the restaurant. I wasn’t mad, but was very very disappointed. The restaurant wasn’t very packed, there is less than 10 people at that time. How could they forgot something easily. If the whole restaurant was packed, then I could easily forgive them.

I just wanted to have a cup of hot coffee to start my day, but was terribly disappointed that things turn out this way. I paid for my coffee but get no coffee, I had to go to the nearby coffeeshop to packet my coffee, which cost much less and I had it in less than a Minute.

Talk about Fast Food and Customer Service. I think it would be a long long long time, before I step into that particular restaurant again.

Bad Start to a Great Year

Just yesterday, 2nd January 2010. I got a major setback. I lost. I have a lot of confident in that task, as it seems like it was almost mine. But then I lost it. I suffered a terrible defeat. I felt that I should have won, but at then end I lost.

But then life is full of up and down, therefore a defeat will only make you stronger when the face the next battle. I’m a fighter. I must face it alone and also summon all my means to win it. This is only the first defeat, I must be back on my feet fast and be ready to fight the next battle with all my will power.

As the title states, Bad Start to a Great Year. This will be a great year for me. I have a lot of goals to reach this year. It will definitely be hectic, But then I feel that if I accomplish all my goals within this year, I will definitely find it worthwhile for the effort and hardships that I have to go through this year. No pain No Gain.

This is a short post, and I hope that you read it with a clear frame of mind. There is this Chinese Saying that “nothing is impossible in this world with a willing heart”. As long as you are determined and focus on achieving your goals, You will be there someday. Don’t lose focus along the way. I am also reminding myself to focus on my goals and don’t lose heart when the going gets tough. When the going gets tough don’t give up. It will only makes you tougher.

God Bless you all and your family, Be Happy and stay healthy as we look forward to this Great Year 2010.