Hectic First Quarter

It was a hectic first quarter 2011 for me. First of all it is the relocation of my office, and then settling down to the new environment and next is the CNY 2011, and then it was my trip to China – Qingdao & Beijing.

This particular trip brings me to some of the most wanted visit places in my list of to visit places, one of it is the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. When I step foot onto the Forbidden City, the first impression was Huge, damn huge. The place is so big that if you wanted to visit every room and every corner, I think it would take 2 days to cover every corner.


                          A view of the Forbidden City


                   Another View of the Forbidden City

The great wall of china, the section that I visited was Badaling, the part whereby the Olympic 2008 cycling event was held. It was great going all the way up the Great Wall, initially I thought it was easy because it is just walking. But I was wrong, on some part the incline was so steep that I felt the slope was almost coming to 65 degree angle. 



        The breadth taking view from the Great Wall of China



              Another View from the top of the Great Wall



                    A view of a portion of the Great Wall


                    The Incline, as you can see, it is steep



                Another view of the incline from the top



          A good view of the Great Wall and the Mountain



                                One World One Dream

Overall this was a very fulfilling trip and it is one of the few personal trips that I had made in the last decade.

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