New Year Lunch at Pariss Marina Square

To celebrate the new year, I brought my friend out for lunch to Pariss Internation buffer restaurant. Called in the morning to make a reservation and confirmed the time with the counter staff.

We arrived at around 12.30 pm and the whole place was packed. I didn’t know that there will be so many people at the restaurant. Inside my heart I was telling myself that I was lucky as I called in first to make a reservation. Paid up and was led to our table.

Walking in, I notice the sashimi counter and the fresh seafood counter, The prawn was nice, and the sashimi counter is also filled up with different types of sashimi.  After the restaurant showed us our table, did not even bother to sit down first, I head straight to the fried food section and take some fried food whereas my friend headed over to the seafood section to take the prawn and sashimi.



Prawn with Sashimi and Fried food.



Close up picture of the sashimi



My Favourite Oyster from Canada

The variety was quite all right considering the price and also the location which it is housed. Compared to Sakura International Buffet, It is considered more expensive, but then the fresh oyster make up for it, I think I took about 10pcs of the oyster. But be-informed, you have to take the queue tag from your table to drop onto the tray to queue up for the oyster, it takes approximately 10 minute for the oyster to be served to your table. I find that this is quite a good concept also, as there won’t be a mad rush for oyster and then someone would get tossed out of the queue and you won’t get to see inconsiderate people snapping up the whole tray of the oyster. Smile 

Over a nice place, except the place is very packed and also not enough staff  to clear plates. Maybe it is the new year day and they have difficulty getting staff.

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