Life is Fragile

I lost my Dad 11 days back, All of a sudden both my parents are now gone, as if this year is not bad enough, why must it happen, I still miss my mum and now my dad is also gone.

I felt lost, Going back home, I cannot greet my dad anymore. I will no longer receive a call in the mid afternoon from my dad asking me if I will be back home for dinner. I won’t be able to dine with him anymore.

I don’t know where to go after work, I have to think of a way to move on. I have not done anything much for the last week and it seems to me that I have nothing to strive for. When my dad was around, I work hard to support him, I wanted to give him a cosy life. I’m always home for most of the evening to have dinner with him. I wanted to be there for him. Now that he is forever gone from my life, I felt lost.

I know I will be able to pick up myself and move on because up above in heaven, where both my parents are now united, they also want me to be well and their biggest wishes to see me have my own family. I know that they are now happily united back in heaven and catching up with one another for the 2 and a half year that they were separated.  They are praying for the 3 of us also.

Mum & Dad, we love you, we thank you for bringing us to this wonderful world and being a wonderful parents to us.

Life is very fragile, treasure your love ones when they are around.

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