A new friend

He saw my blog and read out my posting to me. A new friend. “ken” I engage him to work for me during one of the MOE event in Suntec somewhere in March this year.

I actually wanted to write this post earlier, but was busy with other things and keep pushing this back. After the March show, I went on to engage his services for a couple of times more.

Typical “Ah Beng” style will be your initial thoughts when you get to know him. but then I find this young man full of drive and he is willing to go the extra mile to finish up works and this is what I had when I started business 13 years back. Always going the extra mile for my clients handling late night servicing calls and so on.

When I see the way he works and the attitude, I saw something familiar which over the years become lesser and lesser in me. Customer are always demanding, our level of service has to be always there for them. With the increasing business cost and the dropping of service dollar, how long can we keep up with this high level of service with diminishing income. Well that is something we have to think and work out on.

Coming back to my friend, Ken. He kind of motivated me again, but for how long, I won’t know. He also make me rethink my business strategy and the level of service I’m providing. He is now serving the army, but then I would like to take this opportunity to thank him and wishes him all the best in his life. This post is dedicated to you.

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