Late May Posting

Phew! It has been more than one month since my last posting, It has been a very hectic month for me and that explain why there is lesser posting on my site. Work and work and more work for the past month. Business is slightly picking up, had a couple of projects on hand and need to follow up closely.

But the cost of business is also going up, fuel prices are increasing and in fact if you do notice, everything seems to be on the rise slowly. This is something we have to live with. Right now, we have to monitor our numbers very closely, we have to check on our expenses and also bad debts, which is increasing. Clients are buying, but some are deferring payments, they are trying all means to stretch their credit limits. If this still carry on it might cause a chain reactions and business will be in deep trouble. I really hope it won’t, we just have to keep our finger crossed.

Went past Marina Sands a couple of times, but have yet got the chance to walk in to take a look. I took a couple of pictures of the building from the outside and it does look nice from some views, especially through buildings inside Shenton way, if you do get what I meant.

On the food side, went with an overseas business associate for dinner at PuTien restaurant at City Square Mall 2 weeks back. Had a great evening chatting and eating, the ambience was not that good, slightly noisy, the food I can say is above average, the waitress are friendly and attentive. Overall I would rate it as a nice place for a family gathering or family dinner. Not that good for a business dinner. But since we have decided to go there, we just proceed on. It was a close business associate so we do not need to place too much on the ambience. We went through the menu and ordered our food, it was an ala-carte buffet. side dishes, fruits and drinks are on the free flow buffet counter. 

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