Christmas Day Gathering 2009

Christmas Day for the past few years for us was hosting a gathering for our friends and business partners at our office premises for some food and wine and catch up with those whom we hardly meet for the past year. But this year we have it in a different way. We had a small simple gathering at our office with only some very close friends.

Good food and Good Wine was on the menu. We had Wagyu Beef, Lamb, Prawns and lots of other food on the menu to reward ourselves for the year of hard work. I woke up early in the morning to go to the Wet market to purchase Vegetables, Pork, Prawn and Chicken before heading down to Cold Storage at Great World City for the Lamb, Sausages, Beef Steak and Beef Rib Eye and the last stop which is also a must stop at Liang Court Meidi-Ya Supermarket for the Wagyu Beef, We bought about 4.3 KG of Wagyu Beef which cost us around S$ 460.00. It’s really a must try for beef lover if you really like beef. Our BBQ has never gone without this beef.

We had a great time together catching up with friends and enjoying good food with good wine. I had also not forgotten to snap a couple of pictures and also some pictures of our Barbecook BBQ Pit which we bought in April. This is one of the better investment which we had made on BBQ Pit, In the past we often buy BBQ for less than S$ 100.00 but this BBQ Pit cost us close to S$ 500.00. It is expensive but I can tell you that this is really money well spent from starting the fire to washing. It save us a lot of time and energy which is very important especially after the BBQ session, you are tired and do not wish to spend too much time and effort in washing the pit.



Starting this BBQ Pit only require 3 pcs of newspaper and some charcoal



Straight after you burnt the newspaper, lots of smoke will appear, which is normal.



Another picture showing the amount of smoke from the BBQ Pit


15 Minutes Later, The Fire starts and within another 20mins you are ready to start.



You can see how fierce the fire is. That’s why I said this is money well invested.



A picture of our “Meat” Pit


A close up of the pit with the meat.



This Pork Belly is also one of the highlight of the night. and just below it you can see the Lamb, which was cook to perfection.



You can see the star of the night. The wagyu Beef is on the top of the Pit. if you see closely you should be able to see the marble beef which is so nice and so tempting.


25122009562A close up of the Wagyu Beef, before it goes inside our stomach. 



Another picture of the beef.


As you can see the fire on the pit is so strong due to it built that we have to constantly spray water on the charcoal to cool it down.

 25122009568Last but not least, the lamb and pork sausages from Cold Storage.


After taking these pictures, My stomach control my mind and I could no longer take any more pictures, All the concentration was on the food. I hope to have another gathering with another group of friends soon. They have been asking me on the dates for the BBQ, which I have yet to confirm with them. Maybe I will do another one come this January or February.

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