Outing Day

What a day. It just pass so fast. It’s now 2322hrs as I’m writing this blog.

It was a day out with my bread girl. She is definitely a young lady who is full of laughter and is definitely very energetic. She can be seen running and laughing the whole day.

It was a date setup by my friend’s wife. She invited her out for a one day outing on their off day. So I was definitely really excited about this outing.

The day started out disappointing as escape theme park was not open on weekdays. We did not know. So plan B was to be planned and sorted within 10mins. We decided to give snow city a shot.

It turned out ok and luckily, we did not disappoint my bread girl. I felt that she enjoyed herself at snow city riding down the snow rides. When I see her smiles, I also felt happy. After snow city, we proceed to science center. Science center was a place which I never visited for more than 20 years. It really brought back fond memories of my younger days when during one of the school holiday, My Dad and Mum brought the 3 of us to the Science Center for a day of outings. Those were really happy days, no worries, no stress. Outings although no many due to financial income of our family, but my Dad and Mum will still bring us out for day trip to places of interest like the zoo, sentosa and so on. Well those were the days.

Dinner was back at Punggol Sakura. I just love the environment there, It is a place that I must bring my bread girl to. Seeing her enjoy the food that I cook was enough, I felt happy. Though the day ended without even getting her hand phone number, I’m still happy, at the very least, we are now officially friend. I know where I stand and dare not hope for more, although I’m might be lucky, but then there is still some age difference between us.

To love someone is not to process her, but seeing her happy and living well is more than enough. She is a Christian and may God Bless her.  

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