Mid Of March 2010

The first quarter of the year is coming to an end soon, 16 more days to be exact.

For those who drop by recently or if you happen to read this post, please bear with me, I did not abandon this site. I just could not bring myself to write out my feelings for the past 3 months. Life was bottoming out for me, Nothing goes right my business and my personal life, too much things happened, I got no time to think and to react. I just could not bring myself to write out my feelings for the past 3 months.

I don’t want to write out anything that happen during the past 3 months, My life was turned upside down because of failure and bad unforeseen events that just happen. Things that I fear most happen, I just can’t believe it, I have no one to turn to, I have no place to pour out my woes. I hope that I can forget all the events that took place during the last 3 months soon and move on.

As I’m writing this post, I have not recovered fully from all the events, but I’m picking up the pieces and slowly standing up to face the world again. I believe that I’m able to do that, as all along I had survived other failures, this is certainly one of the worst, but I’m not going to give up, I’m not throwing in the towel, I believe that I will be able to stand up to face the world again.

I pray that GOD will show me the way and guide me back to the correct path to take. I place all my trust in him and I know that he will definitely guide me back onto the path, which I was supposed to take but got derailed.

For those who is reading this post, GOD bless you and you family. If you are also facing any difficulties in life, Don’t give up, Miracles happen when you believe. GOD will always be around us to guide us. He will carry us when we are facing difficulties in life.

Outlook For Year 2010

This is a very fast year, hectic and lot of things to do, in a flash, we are now in the mid of the second month of the year. I haven’t got much time to sort out my thoughts for the past one and half month. Everyday pass by in a flash, from the time I woke up till the time I went to sleep. I felt that I didn’t do much thing, but sometimes I also felt that I accomplish a lot of things in the day.

Maybe it because I suffered defeat after defeat both in my business and also personal life. It make me grow up faster, which I also felt it make me aged faster also. There are days where I could just not stay focus at all. I’m caught up with too many things to do and too little time to handle them, making me shift some work behind and also purposely forget some jobs.

I have to sort out my internal thoughts fast now, time and tide waits for no man, I’m already in my mid 30s, I don’t have much time to waste. I have to make changes and also make it fast. If I don’t make any changes soon and continue to stay in this comfort zone of mine, then nothing will change and maybe at the end of the day when I reach my  60s, I might regret, this has to be the make or die year, and I have to make it. I cannot lose as I cannot afford to lose.

Days after days, and very soon, it will be the end of the year again, I hope that when I summarize the end of this year, I can happily tell you all that I have make changes to my life and I’m happy with the changes.

5th Day of the Chinese New Year

Another defeat, another blow to my confidence level, I’m wondering how many more defeats must I suffer for this year. I have been staying very focused and I think I have done to the best what I have done so far, But the Ice could not melt. My heart bled for a couple of times within these two months. But I’m not giving up. This will be a fight to bring out the sleeping tiger within me.

I will not throw in the towel so fast, or maybe I won’t throw the towel at all. I know I don’t have that much chance, so I cannot give up. I must continue to stay focus and hope that everything turns out fine.

A visit to Pinnacle @ Duxton

Pinnacle@duxton the latest HDB estate in town standing tall at 50 Storey high, Featuring 2 unique Sky bridges at level 26 and also level 50. Please also note that level 26 is only accessible to the resident and level 50 is open to the public, 200 public visitors per day are allowed onto the Sky Bridge. Offering a panoramic view of the city skyline, It surely is a must visit place if you want to have a good view of Singapore.

I went at around 8 plus in the evening. I believe the view will definitely be much better during the day, or during sunset but the night view is just as good. Looking at our busy port and our business district from this height do bring me new thoughts and new aspiration. 

It’s a waste that my friend was in a rush and we stayed less than 30 minutes at the sky bridge. I did not bring my camera along and only took a couple of pictures with my nokia E71, The pictures was not well taken. But I will still post a couple of it so that you guys will have a better picture of how it feels like. 



A View of the Business District



Another View of the City 



Another View of the City 



A View of our Busy Port  


Getting there is very easy. Alight along Cantonment road, Right at the last block along the main road, just after the bus stop. You will then be at Blk 1G, outside the block, you will see a ticket kiosk showing you how many tickets are still available for the day and for now, there is a security officer stationed at the kiosk to guide you on how to buy the ticket. Just present your EZ-Link card onto the scanner and click on the purchase button to purchase the ticket. A receipt will be generated and hold on to you EZ-Link  card, Also do note that each EZ-Link card is valid for one person only. You cannot use your EZ-Link card for multiple ticket purchase.

After getting your receipt, Proceed to the lift and you will be on your way up to Level 50. Once you reach level 50, Present your EZ-Link card at the gantry for access to the Sky Bridge. That will be it, Enjoy your View. You will also need your Ez-Link Card at the gantry when leaving the Sky Bridge.

Bad Start to a Great Year

Just yesterday, 2nd January 2010. I got a major setback. I lost. I have a lot of confident in that task, as it seems like it was almost mine. But then I lost it. I suffered a terrible defeat. I felt that I should have won, but at then end I lost.

But then life is full of up and down, therefore a defeat will only make you stronger when the face the next battle. I’m a fighter. I must face it alone and also summon all my means to win it. This is only the first defeat, I must be back on my feet fast and be ready to fight the next battle with all my will power.

As the title states, Bad Start to a Great Year. This will be a great year for me. I have a lot of goals to reach this year. It will definitely be hectic, But then I feel that if I accomplish all my goals within this year, I will definitely find it worthwhile for the effort and hardships that I have to go through this year. No pain No Gain.

This is a short post, and I hope that you read it with a clear frame of mind. There is this Chinese Saying that “nothing is impossible in this world with a willing heart”. As long as you are determined and focus on achieving your goals, You will be there someday. Don’t lose focus along the way. I am also reminding myself to focus on my goals and don’t lose heart when the going gets tough. When the going gets tough don’t give up. It will only makes you tougher.

God Bless you all and your family, Be Happy and stay healthy as we look forward to this Great Year 2010. 

First Post of the year 2010

We are now into the first day for the new year 2010. This is such a great feeling, For me every start of the year will be to focus on achieving a couple of things for the new year. It is very important to have a focus in mind and to move towards your goals. If you have yet to set down your resolution, then please do it now, grab a piece of paper write down your goals for the new year. But wait, don’t just write down your goals, call your best friend and tell them about it. 

When you are committed and tell your friends about your goals, you will be more committed to fulfill it because you have an obligation since you already told someone your goals and it will then set into your mind that you need to work towards your goals. I have just done that. I already told my best friend my goals and they wish me all the best.

Setting resolutions for the new year is what most people do during the start of the new year. But most people just write it down think about it and then forget it when the months goes, because they put in unrealistic goals for themselves. Setting goals is good, but do set realistic goals because if your goal is too unrealistic then you won’t even be determined to fulfill it. Set minor milestone towards your goals and reward yourself when you reach a milestone be it late or early, because when you make a step forwards towards your goals, you are already halfway to success.

I wish you all the best in the new year 2010. God Bless you and your family. 

Happy New Year

One more day and we are into 2010. Time really passes fast and as often said “time and tide waits for no man” this is very true especially when you are entering into your Mid 30s with no big achievements. This is a New year for us and also a very important year for me, this must be the year that I either break or achieve something.  My studies for my degree should carry ahead without fail. My business must survive through the hard times ahead.

I wish you all and your family Happy New Year and God Bless you and your family with Happiness and Good Health. May we all be strong and strive hard towards our Goals that we had set for ourselves.

Busy December 2009

This is a busy Month, We can see that business is picking up, businesses are buying more and we can also sense that people are willing to spend a bit more on products and services. But the Debt are also pilling, Businesses are delaying their payments and this is definitely not a good sign, I really hope that it will not be the same come next year.

If most businesses are not paying in time by march next year, then some businesses along the chain will be affected and because of cash flow issues, it might force some business to close down also. I really hope that it won’t happen.

This has been a very busy month for myself also. Work stuff, Personal stuff and family stuff. Oh gosh, I’m really looking forward to my family dinner with my whole family on the 24th. An annual affair for us. There are only 2 such gathering every year and I treasure it. One is on the 24th of December, the other is Chinese New Year Eve.

On the 25th, We are having our company BBQ over at our office, this year, we changed it to a staff only gathering. Previous year was a business gathering event, whereby we gather our business partners and associates to join us for an afternoon of fun, food and games. This year we decided to tone down a bit, so it is just the few of us. which is also better, as Christmas is normally a time to spend with your family and love ones. So we decided not to tire ourselves out this year, as normally we would be busy preparing foods and making sure everyone is comfortable. This year we want to enjoy the atmosphere ourselves, relax beside the BBQ pit and enjoy good premium Wagyu beef and nice Wine to go along with it. 

When 2010 comes by, I’m expecting this to be a ultra busy year for my business and also my own life. There will be lots of changes and I will detail everything over here, so that in years to come, I can look back at my life and see how I change over the years. I bet that it will be very fun and un accomplished dreams years back might be initiated again just by browsing through past diaries.

Well Dear Readers, 7 more days to Christmas, I wish you all A Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family. Stay Happy and be Cheerful always. 

December 1st Post

Just as I was about to write this post, I notice that it has been 14 days since my last post, Time passes really fast and furious. How I wish time can slow down abit, Age is catching up with me, I have a lot of things yet to do and I really hope to sort out everything and proceed as planned.

I’m looking at furthering my studies, I hope to be able to complete my Bachelor Degree, It has all along been my wish to complete my degree course and I have been pushing it back for years due to my company and my brother is starting his degree course come January 2010. My friend is thinking of asking me to join him for March intake at another private University.

I still considering whether to join him or not, but I think that, the time has come for me to pick up my books again, it might not be in march 2010, but it will be in 2010. I really have to put it down to remind me not to think too much. Just register and pick up the books again. This is not from anything or anyone, but for myself.

32 days to 2010

It is now 32 days to 2010. Really fast, We are reaching into the last month of 2010. I don’t know why, but every time when it reaches this period of the year, I have a lot of thoughts going through my mind and this year, there seem to be more, and I think most of it are greatly due to my age.

Call it mid life crisis 🙂 As we ages we tend to spend more time reflecting on the past and you start to think of old friends, When you met up with old friends, you could talk non stop on the past and update one another on your life.

I must say that this year till now, has been very fast and hectic for me. Economic down turn, new ventures, new friends coming into my life and so on. In fact, I have really taken to writing my blog on a very consistent basis, I hope to be able to compile all my knowledge and my own life on my few blogs and treat it as a repository on my thoughts, it should be quite fun years on when I start reading back on what I have written.

Although hectic, life was simple shuttling between work and home almost the whole year. Years back, I still remember the outings with friends during the holiday and weekend, where I just hang out with friends on weekends and holiday eve and won’t return home until 3 or 4 in the morning. Life back then was simply care free, pocket money from my dad, extra money from part time job and so on. Spent everything on games and fun.

I don’t really know which year it started but all of a sudden during one of the year, I just have a feeling of trying to spend holiday eve at home. Maybe it was a sign of ageing back then. Especially Christmas Eve, I tried to spend time after attending church with my parents. and I think I make the right choice which I never regretted, I think for the past 4 years, Christmas Eve was spent at home with my parents. Anyway during the past few years even if I wanted to go out, it would only be me alone also. My best friend was in China, Most of my buddy were either celebrating Christmas Eve with their wife or girl friend. I’m all alone, so the best is just to “hide” at home. I felt that this was definitely worth it. Back then I was still working 10 to 12 Hours work day in the office, So I was actually spending a lot less time at home during most of the year. During those years, I treated my home as a Hotel, Came back home between 10.30 to 11.30 at night, have dinner prepared by my Mum, at these hours, my parents would have already slept. After dinner, took a shower, and then watch some news and slept between 2 to 3 am in the morning, wake up at 9am wash up and leave home by 9.30 am or earlier if there is classes in the morning. Before leaving house, maybe a 2 to 5 min chat with my Mum, I seldom see my dad during those days.

So I really treasure the fact that I did spent some time with my parents during the past few years.